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Creator and host of custom trivia experiences including:

casual weekly pub nights

competitive leagues/seasons

private family/friend parties

and corporate/business  events!

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Deduce. Decide. Delight.


Myclueis: Trivia - Local


Custom-created, live-hosted, casual weekly pub nights and competitive seasons

Monday Night Trivia

at Boyne City Taproom


March 28th -  May 23rd

Free for all trivia; everyone can play, anyone can win. Six themed rounds with prizes! Registered teams can earn season points beginning April 11th.  The 11 week Spring Season ends June 27th with a grand prize awarded!

Pubstumper's Trivia

Wednesdays at the Noggin Room


New Season March 30th

Each season consists of 12 weeks of a PubStumpers Trivia League. This is team trivia with 8 Round prizes and a highest overall score prize each week. The top 5 teams each week earn extra points towards the Season Championship!

Tuesday Night Trivia

at Petoskey Brewing Company


New Season April 5th

Free for all trivia; everyone can play, anyone can win. Multiple round formats with prizes.  Registered teams can earn season points beginning April 5th.  The 11 week Spring Season ends June 14th with a grand prize awarded!

Choose Your Own Trivia

Thursdays at One Thirty Eight


January 6th and beyond

Teams compete each night over multiple rounds of categories they choose! The three teams with highest overall scores win wonderful prizes and the rest are entered into a raffle drawing.  Reservations recommended.


Myclueis: Sponsors

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Run your own pub league!

Myclueis: Season Box

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With the contents of a Season Box, you have 12 events worth of trivia!

All you provide is the venue and the host.

Each event consists of 6 themed rounds,

each with 10 wordcrafted questions and a tiebreaker;

enough for 2 hours of edutainment.

Continue the fun and momentum with additional Season Boxes;

more round themes and never a repeated question.

Each Season Box Includes: advertising, instructions, obviously tricky questions, answer sheets, pens, and standings charts. Your host receives a T-shirt and a 1 hour virtual training session!


"You'll learn something new and it's always different!"

- Sascha C.

"We look forward to these events each week. It's entertaining and gets everyone involved!"

- David G.

"You will pull knowledge from all sorts of places; probably surprising yourself, friends, and teammates!"

- Sheela W.

"The use of puns and wordplay is hilarious!"

- Kenny D. 

"I love the little clues in each question! Great fun!"

- Charis L.

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