Creator and host of custom trivia experiences including:

casual weekly pub nights

competitive leagues/seasons

private family/friend parties

and corporate/business  events!


Myclueis: Trivia - Live


Custom-created, live-hosted, casual weekly pub nights and competitive seasons

Mondays at Mancino's


 for now...

5 Rounds of fast and fun themed trivia. Categories are chosen from participating teams' suggestions. Each round's high score wins gift cards and a raffle is drawn for a Family Meal Deal prize!

Pubstumper's Trivia

Wednesdays at the Noggin Room

Each season consists of 12 weeks of a PubStumpers Trivia League. This is team Trivia with 8 Round prizes and a highest overall score prize each week. The top 5 teams each week earn extra points towards the Season Championship!

Tuesdays at Beard's Brewery


 for now...

It's officially the Fall Season for 11 Weeks of Trivia at Beards Brewery! 5 rounds of themed trivia each week with great prizes for high score and participation in each round. A final wager round secures bonus season points for the top 3 teams each week. Casual teams are welcome each week; season champs get engraved on the Championship Keg!

Thursdays at The Back Lot


 for now...

Casual variety of themed Trivia with 6 Round and 6 Raffle prizes each week.. Live Music Trivia is held the third Thursday of each month with guest musicians! The last scheduled Thursday each month is Celebrity Match Game, a twist on the 70’s show with a local celebrity.

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Deduce. Decide. Delight.

Schedule of Live Events

Never miss an event!

Myclueis: Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Myclueis: Trivia?
Let us promote you at live events and online!
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Want to run your own trivia league with friends?

Want to build your venue's sales with engaging entertainment? 

Myclueis: Season Box


in one box

With the contents of a Season Box, and a host of your choosing,

you have 12 events worth of trivia!

Each event consists of 6 themed rounds,

each with 10 wordcrafted questions and a tiebreaker;

enough for 2 hours of edutainment.

Continue the fun and momentum with additional Season Boxes;

more round themes and never a repeated question.

Each Season Box Includes: advertising, instructions, obviously tricky questions, answer sheets, pens, and standings charts. Your host receives a T-shirt and a 1 hour virtual training session!

"You'll learn something new and it's always different!"

- Sascha C.

"We look forward to these events each week. It's entertaining and gets everyone involved!"

- David G.

"You will pull knowledge from all sorts of places; probably surprising yourself, friends, and teammates!"

- Sheela W.

"The use of puns and wordplay is hilarious!"

- Kenny D. 

"I love the little clues in each question! Great fun!"

- Charis L.

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Trying to bring the fun you have at Trivia to work or parties? 

Book me for your birthdays, reunions, corporate meetings, club dinners, etc.

I create all my own Trivia content, and will customize the edutainment to your target audience!



In need of a Master of Ceremonies?

Hire me to host any variety of special event, award ceremony, etc.

As an ordained minister, I can officiate weddings!

Myclueis: Services


I have a custom set of skills that can be of service to you and/or your group.

Please contact me with any questions or specific requests.


Motivational Speaking, Small Group Mentoring, Life Coaching & Mindfulness Lectures, for both private sessions or group settings. 

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Myclueis: Swartz

It all started with a preteen birthday card from my paternal grandfather, the family game master. The envelope read "My clue is: Swartz," a pun on my name, Michael Louis Swartz, and a recognition of my curiosity for puzzles, patterns, and problem-solving. My life has always been driven by a quizzical pursuit of knowledge intent on its eventual applicable wisdom.


Knowledge is power, after all, and power is best shared!

My passion is to provide healthy happiness to others; through interconnecting edutaining knowledge with mindful participants.  Using over 25 years of service industry instinct, an Interdisciplinary Studies degree from GVSU, a 200 RYT yoga certification, a lifetime of game playing, and the drive to assist and support others has pleasantly merged into a personalized service business where my efforts are fun and rewarding!

Need more Trivia in your life?

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