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Creator and host of custom trivia experiences including:

casual weekly pub nights

competitive leagues/seasons

private family/friend parties

and corporate/business  events!

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Deduce. Decide. Delight.


Myclueis: Trivia - Local


Custom-created, live-hosted, casual weekly pub nights and competitive seasons

Monday Night Trivia

at Boyne City Taproom


Beginning Sept 20th!

Free for all trivia; everyone can play, anyone can win. Six themed rounds with prizes!  September is pre-season! Registered teams can earn season points beginning Oct 4th. The 12 week Fall Season ends Dec 20th with a grand prize awarded!

Pubstumper's Trivia

Wednesdays at the Noggin Room


Beginning Sept 29th!

Each season consists of 12 weeks of a PubStumpers Trivia League. This is team trivia with 8 Round prizes and a highest overall score prize each week. The top 5 teams each week earn extra points towards the Season Championship!

Tuesday Night Trivia

at Petoskey Brewing Company


Beginning Sept 7th!

Free for all trivia; everyone can play, anyone can win. Multiple round formats with prizes.  September is pre-season! Registered teams can earn season points beginning Oct 5th.  The 11 week Fall Season ends Dec 14th with a grand prize awarded!

Choose Your Own Trivia

Thursdays at One Thirty Eight


Nov 4th - Dec 16

Teams compete each night over multiple rounds of categories they choose! The three teams with highest overall scores win wonderful prizes and the rest are entered into a raffle drawing.  Reservations recommended.


Myclueis: Sponsors

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Run your own pub league!

Myclueis: Season Box

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With the contents of a Season Box, you have 12 events worth of trivia!

All you provide is the venue and the host.

Each event consists of 6 themed rounds,

each with 10 wordcrafted questions and a tiebreaker;

enough for 2 hours of edutainment.

Continue the fun and momentum with additional Season Boxes;

more round themes and never a repeated question.

Each Season Box Includes: advertising, instructions, obviously tricky questions, answer sheets, pens, and standings charts. Your host receives a T-shirt and a 1 hour virtual training session!


"You'll learn something new and it's always different!"

- Sascha C.

"We look forward to these events each week. It's entertaining and gets everyone involved!"

- David G.

"You will pull knowledge from all sorts of places; probably surprising yourself, friends, and teammates!"

- Sheela W.

"The use of puns and wordplay is hilarious!"

- Kenny D. 

"I love the little clues in each question! Great fun!"

- Charis L.

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